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This truly modular console system was originally developed for the public safety community to offer the best in workstation design options, ergonomic compliance and operator comfort.

Advanced Modular Console Systems

Custom-fit design through display technology, desktop gear and ancillary monitoring equipment for each communications professional supported by a modular console line ideal for active 24/7 centers.

modular console systems

The unique 6” frame system accepts plug-in components that are specified on 24” or 30” scalable mounting locations.   Select from a vast portfolio of storage modules, cable raceways,  19” rack-mount or accessory options.

modular console systems

Fully welded base frames, floor supported legs, and stackable walls define the rugged design of this all-steel unit.  No laminate or wood materials are used in console structure or integrated hardware components.

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Modular Console Line for Public Safety

Linear, small and large scale corners, double-sided and shared team configurations are all within design reach of the 6” wall system that works like office furniture with the heart of a true console system.  The steel frame is ultra-strong and slim but affords extensive internal cable, data and power integration.  Specify almost any position with sit-stand functionality where needed for primary dispatch and call-taking work.


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Durable Monitor Mounts for Public Safety

Dispatching environments are one of the most challenging technology integration applications factoring in the trend to support monitors - as many as 10 per position - associated with sit-stand surfaces.  Select from a variety of arrays and mounting methods to fit the surface size, shape and privacy requirements.

Multi-functional personal storage, convenience power and data ports, environmental systems, and collaborative storage help organize your desktop space and enhance team communications.

a can-do attitude
Choosing a manufacturer willing to be a partner over the long haul is vital. e-Systems has proven time and time again that they do whatever it takes to help me and my clients. Their can-do attitude and high-quality products are unparalleled.
I can’t  imagine doing my job without them.
- reseller/partner
they created the perfect solution
We were working with our customers to come up with something that would satisfy the existing footprint of our old racks, while having features and a design that IT administrators would appreciate. e-System's attention to detail and thoughtful design created the perfect solution.
- it systems coordinator
protecting our assets & mission
e-Systems did a very professional job with our data center and with zero interruption of services. From inception to continuing operation, they provide the products and services that protect our assets and mission. I would never go to anyone else!
- data center manager

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